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About InRecruitment

At inRecruitment we’re adopting a fresh approach to recruitment, by integrating technology into our processes we’re quicker and more efficient so we’re creating more perfect job matches without compromising on our client relationships or our consultative approach.  In fact, really understanding the longer term motivations of our employers and candidates is a central theme in our strategy.  The inRecruitment Group are developing a range of business-focused applications to not only help our customers recruit better but also to develop, retain and manage staff.

The inRecruitment Group was formed in 2017 following the acquisition of Professional Sales Personnel Limited and Vacancies Network Limited, this formation has brought together over 10 years of recruitment experience and technology solutions such as characteristic and management profiling together with enhanced candidate interaction means that we can offer unrivalled recruitment packages to our growing customer base.

The concept of Recruitment as a Service means we can offer solutions to support customers no matter their budgets or how they recruit traditionally. From aggregated job postings through to Professional Consultative Services and Internal Recruitment Support, inRecruitment will provide a solution.

We are much more than a typical recruitment company.



What areas of the country do inRecruitment cover?

inRecruitment are based in Colchester, Essex and provide specialist recruitment services to the whole of London and  East Anglia. However, due to the reach of our unique recruitment packages we manage and advertise jobs all over the United Kingdom

What industries and market places do you recruit into?

inRecruitment provide recruitment expertise in the following marketplaces

We are in Sales – Sales and Marketing Recruitment

We are in Technology – Information Technology Recruitment

We are in Work – Commercial and Business Recruitment

We are in demand – Temporary and Contract Appointments

How can your Recruitment Consultants help me?

Our Recruitment Consultant acts as an intermediary between our clients, the employer and our candidates. We manage and promote their roles, review all through applications, interview and shortlist a selection of candidates for the employer. We help the employer have a clear vision for each and every role and assist in developing the interview process. Once our client has selected a candidate and made an offer, the Recruitment Consultant will manage the negotiation to  inalise salary details, the benefits package and start dates on behalf of both parties.

Our Consultants also proactively source potential candidates where their skill sets and experiences may benefit our clients. We work with our Candidates, helping them shape their career and and offering them career advice and future career planning.

Why should I complete an inRecruitment Characteristic Assessment?
Anyone who has a role where communicating with customers or colleagues is a key day to day function, will always perform more effectively when they understand themselves. Understanding their strengths and weaknesses is the first stage in helping adopt techniques and strategies that will maximise their effectiveness.







The inRecruitment Characteristic Assessment is not a personality or competence test. It is an essential business tool to help people understand who they are. The assessment analyses behavioural style, both inherent and those that have developed through upbringing. It is our observable human behaviour and is one aspect of what makes us all unique.

Once someone understands their behavioural style and how they prefer to act or communicate then action plans can be developed to understand and adapt behaviour for maximum results. Furthermore, once someone starts to recognise their own behaviour style it will help them understand the behaviour of others, leading to stronger relationships, better communication, more productive working environments and greater success.

What information appears on my Characteristic Report?
The inRecruitment Characteristic Report provides an easy to read yet comprehensive report on the user. It provides detailed information which helps the user understand themselves better and provides an overview to help their Manager understand, manage,  communicate and coach them.

The Profile delivers information on four key areas:

Personal Behaviour. Including Character Traits, Key Strengths and a snap shot personal summary.

Natural Communication. Communication style, how the user is likely to communicate and how best to communicate with them. Do they try to instruct or direct or persuade and sell? do they try and empathise and listen or explain?

Sales Preferences. The natural position for a sales role, what is the natural balance between new business and account growth and complexity against volume. How do they naturally work within a typical 7 step sales cycle, what areas come naturally to them and where do they need to focus to improve.

Key Behaviours. What motivates them, are they driven by financial success or by social recognition? How do they make decisions and set goals? How creative are they in coming up with new ideas and presenting them? How do they manage themselves, colleagues, peers and customers? And what values can they bring to your organisation.

Additionally, when the Report is used by an organisation to manage their teams and review profiles against roles for recruitment or training a wealth of additional information is created. Including probing questions to be used during interviews based upon the general characteristics of the candidate and how best to train and coach team members.

By understanding the people better management, coaching, meetings, interviewing and training become a much more natural and positive process and engenders better results for the team, the company and the management.

How does the Characteristic Assessment Work?
The InSales Behaviour Assessment is based upon the tried and tested DISC methodology. The DISC model was created based on the work Dr. William Moulton Marston, Columbia University in 1928. Marston determined that all people exhibit four behavioural factors in varying degrees of intensity.

The factors or categories of behaviour style, type or temperament help determine how people will respond in four areas.

How they will respond to challenges both internal and external, getting results, taking action and overcoming problems. This is the dominance trait – D.

How they influence and encourage others to share their point of view, creating enthusiasm and encouraging teamwork. This is the influence trait – I.

How they manage the pace of a working environment, providing support, maintaining stability and embracing teamwork. This is the Steadiness trait – S.

How they comply with rules and processes, ensuring accuracy, maintaining stability and challenging assumption. This is the Compliance trait – C.

When completing the Assessment, the system presents the user with 8 statements from which the user simply selects those that they believe are most like the behaviour style and those which are least. The individuals personal report is created by analysing the interplay of the frequency of the responses of each type and the subtle variances between them all.

The Assessment is free to the person taking the assessment, either as part of a company account or as an individual. It takes around 15 minutes to complete and provides an easy to read report, which could change the way you look at both yourself, your manager, your colleagues or your customers.

Who has access to my reports?
Each user of the system has their own secure independent account even if they have been invited into the system by inRecruitment or their employer. If inRecruitment have invited you to the system as part of a recruitment process they will be able to access your report but no one else has access to the account or the details within it. No one can search the database for people, this is not an ‘open, searchable network
Will my profile ever change?
Most user’s Assessments remain consistent. You may find subtle rather than substantial differences from one Assessment to the next. We recommend taking the Assessment at least on an annual basis to ensure any major shifts in the assessment, such as stress related ones, can be identified and that you have the most up to date report. Not only in terms of the answers you’ve provided but also in terms of our own ongoing refinement and improvement within the reporting process.
How should I respond to each of the questions?
The first thing to underline is that there is no right or no wrong answer. Therefore, trying to guide the responses to create a perceived output will have little benefit to anyone. Secondly, take your time. The system doesn’t calculate or infer changes to the results based upon timings. Read each question and consider each answer. It makes no real material difference to the report if the user answers the questions in terms of a working environment or considers the responses within a social situation.
How accurate are DISC reports?
DISC is by the most used profiling technique in the business world. It has been tried tested and refined over many years. There are several established DISC practitioners across the globe each using the same original basic principles established by Dr. William Moulton Marston, Columbia University way back in 1928. InSales uses a range of continuous improvement programs to ensure accuracy in each report. Every interpretation has been through a thorough research and development process designed to validate the results and provide accurate feedback. Most DISC reports broadly generate an 85 – 92% accuracy rating.
Applying for a job What happens to my application after I have submitted it?

Once you have submitted your Job application you will receive an immediate email confirmation that your application has been received along with details of your reference number. Within two days of sending your online application, you will receive an email confirming whether or not you meet our initial criteria for the specific job you applied for. If your application meets our initial criteria, you will progress to the next stage of our selection process. You will then be contacted by email or telephone by one of our recruiters to discuss the next steps in selection – likely to include confirmation on whether you have been short-listed for an interview, interviews and verification processes. Your profile will also be retained in our recruiting database for possible matches against future open positions. We will keep in touch with you regularly so that you fully understand your status for the specific position for which you are being considered. If your application does not meet our initial criteria, you will not be considered further for that specific job. However, your profile will be kept in our recruiting database. If a match should occur between your profile and future open positions, you will be notified by email and invited to return to our website to apply.

How long will it take to review my CV?

We handle all applications in a timely and professional manner, our Talent Team review every application manually. You will receive an acknowledgement e-mail once your CV has been submitted and within 48 hours you will be notified whether or not you have met the minimum requirements for the role. It may take up slightly longer to review your application in detail, these timescales are usually driven by the client. We will contact you if you are invited for a face-to-face or formal telephone interview. For those who are not suitable for the position, we will automatically keep your details in our system for future opportunities and keep in touch by email

I've received an email saying that I am not being considered for a job, can I be reconsidered?

As part of the online application process you will have answered questions to determine whether you meet the minimum requirements or essential criteria described in the job description. If you do not meet the minimum requirements for a specific job, you will not be considered for the job. If you do feel we have missed some detail or qualifying information please contact us to discuss. We encourage you to continue to review jobs that match your profile and apply to those you are interested in and where your qualifications match the requirements described in the job description

What should I do if I have a query about the online job application process?

We are here to help, please call us:-

Colchester:  01206 984065
Ipswich: 01473 552844
Chelmsford:  01245 860190
London:  02031 982070

How can I confirm that my CV/resume has been properly submitted and/or received?

Each time you apply for any position advertised by inRecruitment, you will receive an immediate confirmation email acknowledging that your application has been received, and all your contact information, profile and CV/résumé are made available to the Talent team member or Recruitment Consultant handling that position. Within 48 hours you will be notified whether or not you have met the minimum requirements for the role, you will then receive an email indicating the status of your application at each stage and what you need to do next.

What sort of questions will I be asked during the application process?

During your application  we will request responses to specific questions. Some are to match your skills and qualifications with the role and others are to ensure we comply with applicable laws and the clients  business policies. Should you be successful in your application  your responses to key questions will be verified.

Can I make a Speculative applications ?

We are delighted to encourage candidates to send us their CV / Resume speculatively. You will be included within our system as our recruiters will search for candidates in our database. If you have a particularly strong skill set or have experience in areas that we know clients are currently seeking then we may decide to work with you as one of our ‘MPC’ – Most Placeable Candidates.  Please contact us for further information.

How will my data be stored and used in the system?

Your records will be stored on our secure, password protected specialist CRM system and can only be accessed by our internal  recruiters and Talent Acquisition Team.  For more information read our Privacy Statement

Can I remove my details from your system ?

Yes, you can request to be deleted from the system, but please note that this may take up to 30 days to be activated. Certain information related to your particular application may be retained to meet legal or records retention requirements. Please contact our Data Manager

How can I register my details with you?

Registering with inRecruitment is a simple process that only takes a couple of minutes. If you’d like to register with us, please click on the following link: candidate sign in page

You’ll be asked to complete a short form which includes your personal details such as your name, address etc. Please provide us with as much information as you can to help with any applications.

I don't have a CV can i still apply?

Most roles do require a CV to go along with a completed application form. We can certainly help you review your CV but for  tips on how to create a great  CV, please visit our CV guide page.

When will I receive an outcome on my application?

Each role we advertise has an expiry date and you can find this should be clear on the job advertisement. Typically, our clients will wait until the closing date has passed before finalising the shortlist but as soon as this information is released to us, we’ll most certainly be in touch with you.

inRecruitment will keep you updated via email or telephone calls on the status of your application. Unless you hear otherwise, please be assured that your application is still being reviewed and considered for the role.

I am interested in applying for a role but the salary information isn’t included in the advert

All vacancy details are signed off and agreed with the client. It is at their discretion whether to disclose the details of the salary. If you have seen a role with the salary advertised as ‘Competitive’ then this is a direct request by the client and the salary details will only be discussed at interview stage.

Is there any more information available other than the job advertisement ?

We’ll always do our best to provide as much information as we can in order to assist you with your application. Should we have any additional information such as a job description or person specification, this can be found in the form of a .PDF and will be located above the job advertisement. If you have specific questions please asks us. Although please be aware most clients insist on confidentiality until applications have been received.

I’d like to apply for a vacancy. Is there an email address to which I can send my CV to?

All of our roles require an online application form to be submitted if you wish to be considered. Most application forms can be completed in a matter of minutes and you’ll also be asked to upload your CV.

It’s a simple process however if you do require additional guidance, please don’t hesitate to contact us and a member of the inRecruitment team will be more than happy to help. Contact us.

I have a disability, how can I gain additional support to complete the application?

If you have a disability we will accept applications in different formats such as a CV or audio. If you require any  additional support please contact a member of our Talent Acquisition Team

Who can I put down as referee?

We require the names and addresses of two referees, not related to you, who are willing and able to provide up-to-date references on your qualifications, experience and skills. One of these must be your current or most recent employer. If you have not previously been employed a referee related to relevant voluntary or community work or, if appropriate, your head teacher or lecturer/tutor from your last school or college or university. Please note personal or character references will not be accepted. We will only use these referees with your expressed permission and will not contact them until you have given us approval.

What happens at registration?

After reviewing your CV, we will contact you by email or phone call if we are able to assist you. You will then be invited to meet with a consultant for a one to one interview, known as a registration.

During the registration meeting, your consultant will discuss with you exactly what you’re looking for from your career and how we can help you to achieve that. We’ll also go over your CV with you to show you how to make it appeal to potential employers. Please allow approximately one hour for the registration process.

What interview questions am I likely to be asked?

This will vary between roles, and your consultant will brief you and provide you tailored advice prior to each interview.


My employer has made a counter offer, should I accept?

There are several things you should consider before accepting a counter offer.

Read our full article on counter offers here.


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