Understanding your characteristics and traits can lead to career fulfilment and success. Studies have shown that choosing a job that you are naturally suited for is directly linked to your professional satisfaction and productivity levels in that role. Receiving an in-depth profile of your characteristics can help lead you to the roles you’ll be most successful in by revealing who you really are, your strengths – abilities that you sometimes take for granted; and weaknesses – traits that may be holding you back from progressing.

In your sales career, being able to maximise your strengths and develop your weaker points will help you sell yourself better to your customers, your boss or a future employer. Sales characteristic profiling is an easy and quick way to gain this insight and understand how to use it to get that next win. If you’re looking for a new role then sharing aspects of your profile will enable you to evidence how you’ll fit into the culture of a new company and how your unique make-up will add value to your new team.  Acknowledging your authentic professional and personal character is essential for employers as they look for people that fit into their organisations both professionally and personally. Here are the essential takeaways from profiling:

  • Key strengths – These are the positive traits and behaviours you exhibit naturally and which you can easily capitalise on for success.
  • Potential blind spots – identifying and creating an awareness of any characteristics that may be holding you back.
  • Specialist focus – how your particular approach to sales matches to the different types of sales roles.
  • Decision-making process – the criteria you focus on in making decisions and the thought process that guides you.
  • Leadership skills – the way you affect a team, motivating them to thrive.
  • Motivations – your priorities, and how these conform with your goals and visions.
  • Communication style – how you interact with others at work and as a member of a team and how you can maximise success when communicating with different personality types.

In sales, there are certain characteristics that separate the top performers from the rest, recognising these traits in your own practice will mean you can focus your personal and career development activities in the right places to ensure success and fulfilment. Here are five major characteristics of top notch sales people and their impact in different sales roles:

  1. High achievement orientation – Top sales performers focus on achieving goals and are unrelenting in measuring their goals and performance. By remaining focused on the goal top sales people are constantly aware of where best to spend their time and efforts.
  2. Modesty – Most top salespeople are modest and humble contrary to common stereotypes. Flamboyance can alienate customers rather than win them over. Modesty impacts selling styles by creating team players; instead of promoting oneself as the focus of the purchase decision; top performers position the whole team to the whole sales process from pre-selling to management of accounts.
  3. Curiosity – People on top of the sales game are naturally curious. Curiosity is defined as a person’s thirst for knowledge and information. When applied in selling styles, the impact is inquisitiveness. Displaying high levels of inquisitiveness in a sales-call correlates to an active presence that drives the sales person to ask important and even difficult questions to bridge the gap in information.
  4. Conscientious – They have a strong sense of responsibility and reliability; taking their work seriously and remaining deeply involved with the results. In this quality, the impact on selling styles is account control. Top sales individuals take command of the sales process from start to finish in order to remain in control of their own destiny.
  5. Personal motivation – Great sales people are rarely discouraged by problematic situations. They are rarely overwhelmed by sadness over problems and bad situations. This impacts selling style by displaying competitiveness. Top performers can handle disappointments, bouncing back from losses and mentally prepare themselves for the next opportunity to compete and win.

Knowing and understanding your unique qualities, behaviours and characteristics will enable you to build the career in sales that you want. Career profiling gives you the advantage to be successful in your chosen field and industry.

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