Average Wages in Colchester outstripping the East of England

An article in the Colchester Evening Standard identified that workers in Colchester are earning £60 a week more than in 2010.

The figures, taken from a report published by Colchester Council, shows the average income in the borough last year, £580.40 a week, outstripping the average for the east of England – £574 – for the first time. The average across Britain in 2017 was £552.70.

The report also shows an increase in the number of businesses increasing their staffing levels to employ 50 and 249 people when compared to 2015 figures. There are also a record number of business units operational: 8,265 business premises were recorded in Colchester in 2017.

The largest proportion of workers in Colchester are employed in health and social work: 14,000 were recorded as working in that sector in 2016. Closely followed by retail and motor repairs.

Paul Smith, leader of Colchester Council, said: “This is evidence that Colchester is performing particularly well.” Adding: “We are a growing borough which is creating jobs and getting the best for Colchester.”

Kate Nudds MD of inRecruitment commented: “This is fantastic: we’re seeing better wages in this part of the world and it’s keeping talent in the region which helps the market for us all. It’s great to be able to say: if you want a well paid job, you’re more likely to find it in Colchester!”

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