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Employers and Candidates benefit from understanding strengths, characteristics, and behaviours with a revealing, free and in-depth online assessment. This insight means we can make job matches that meet your expertise, and ambitions and create a platform for excellence.​

With inRecruitment, everyone gets a free in-depth career biography that illuminates the things you could have been missing – abilities you didn’t know you had and weaknesses that have been holding you back.

Turn your experience, expertise and work history into a live profile – so you can make informed decisions about your career, find opportunities to grow and thrive, and reach your personal goals and ambitions.

Your inRecruitment profile will highlight your capabilities and strengths in a way a standard CV can’t.

By understanding your own characteristics you’ll be able to prepare better for interviews and give more insightful responses. In showing a greater understanding of yourself you’ll be able to paint the picture of you in your interviewer’s team.

Key Strengths​

The behaviours and characteristics that you should capitalise on

Communication Style​

How you interact with others and work as part of a team.​

Specialist Focus​

How your particular approach matches different types of Roles.​

Leadership Skills​

The way you affect a team and motivate them to thrive.​


Your priorities and how they could inform your goals and aspirations.​

inRecruitment puts the right talent in the room for your vacancies

HR Support – Recruitment HR Health Check

All businesses need to keep up to date with changes in Employment Law.  Within our Premium Professional Services package we give all customers free access to one of our approved HR Consultants ensuring all your specific recruitment requirements are both up to date and compliant. In additional we’ll provide pragmatic solutions and advice on all aspects of recruitment including, the recruitment process, contracts of employment and handbooks, performance management, maternity leave, managing disciplinary and grievance issues, redundancy and reorganisation. We will work with you as a client and understand the culture you want to develop and advise you on an HR Health Check on documents and polices.

Interview Management – Training for Hiring Managers

As part of our Premium Professional Services Packages we offer free Interview training for your Hiring Manager. Recruiting the right people for the right role with the right skill set is one of the most crucial business functions. We can help develop an interview strategy, develop questioning techniques and how to delve deeper to ensure you understand the candidates much better. Interview Training, even for experienced interviewers, helps reduce turnover of site, recruitment fees, managing poor performance and improves morale and profitability of your team.



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Specialist Technology Roles

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